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Friday, November 09, 2007

I Moved

After resurrecting this blog I decided to start fresh and new. you can find me here

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

They're The Nicest Kids In Town

It sickens me that the last time I actually read a book for pleasure was this past summer. I didn't even finish the book. I got about 2/3 of the way through and had to return it to the library. That books was "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand, by the way. So I've decided to make time to read. I'm going to read a book for each letter of the alphabet (the authors last name, that is). Here is the list so far, still missing a few though.
A - Antrim, Donald - "The Verificationist"
B - Bradbury, Ray - "Fahrenheit 451"
C - Camus, Albert - "The Stranger"
D -
E - Eugenides, Jeffrey - "The Virgin Suicides"
F - Fitzgerald, F. Scott - "The Great Gatsby"
G - Golding, William - "Lord of the Flies"
H - Huxley, Aldus - "Brave New World"
I - Irving, John
J -
K - Kerouac, Jack - "On the Road"
L -
M - Morrison, Toni
N -
O - O'connor, Flannery - "Wise Blood"
P - Palahniuk, Chuck
Q -
R - Rand, Ayn
S -
T - Thompson, Hunter S. - "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"
U - Updike, John - "Rabbit Run"
V - Vonnegut, Kurt
W - Wiser, H. Fred - "Deadly Stakes"
X -
Y -
Z -

Sunday, October 21, 2007

They Bump and They Collide

Today in my Women In Hebrew Bible class we talked about how Yaakov (Jacob) was renamed Yisrael (Israel). This was a way of redeeming him of all his past trickery. Now, don't get me wrong, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Yaakov. He is, after all, my favorite Patriarch. But he was quite a sneaky fellow in his young life. He tricked Esav (Esau) out of his birthright by offering him soup, he tricked Yitzchak (Isaac) into giving him a blessing and he sneakily ran away for Lavan (Laban). Then, after the whole ordeal of him sneaking away from Lavan and Rachel stealing the idols, Yaakov is redeemed and names Yisrael. So, it got me thinking. Why is the Bais Yaakov movement called the Bais Yaakov movement? We don't call our kids Avram (who later became Avraham) or Sarai (who later became Sarah) because with those names they weren't really the same people we've come to know and love. So why does Yaakov stick? And especially why Bais Yaakov? Are they trying to say that the only way women can get an education is through trickery? That a girl has to sneak out of the house to learn? Back when it originated that may have been so. Does anyone have an answer for me, I would really like to know.


Monday, October 15, 2007

You Bleed For Me, I'll Bleed For You

I'm currently procrastinating. Glad you could join me. Actually, I'm testing out something. I've been trying to write a paper for my Classical Greek Philosophers class since last night and I have only come up with an introductory paragraph. It's not so much that I don't have any ideas for the paper, I do, but I just can't focus. I thought that if I tried writing out some of my ideas here, in a less structured environment, it might help me to actually write the paper. I feel that I should start with what the paper is supposed to be about. I will just quote the syllabus. "Briefly describe the "function argument" (in Nicomachean Ethics) that Aristotle offers in I.7 and briefly explain how an intelligent critic of Aristotle's might go about disputing it." The good thing about this professor is he told us that we weren't allowed to write more than two pages. Yay! Two pages is the perfect length for me.

Here is what I wrote last night for my paper:
In the first part of Book I Aristotle explains that all of our actions are for the sake of something. That “something” which he is referring to is “the good”. In chapter 7 of Book I Aristotle is attempting to explain what “the good” is.
Now, I am going to take the time to edit it because I think I misused the quotation marks.

Here is my revised paragraph:
In the first part of Book I Aristotle explains that all of our actions are for the sake of something. That something which he is referring to is “the good (1094a4)”. In chapter 7 of Book I Aristotle is attempting to explain what “the good” is.
Just a minor change, but I think it makes what I'm trying to say slightly more clear.

What I want to go on to explain is what Aristotle's argument actually is. Aristotle is not an easy read and for this class we're not allowed to use any outside sources (unless we already learned something which could help us with our paper. In that case though, when you e-mail your paper to the professor you have to write a note saying how you know what you know. He's a really easy going guy though, so he doesn't give you a hard time about things.) What I had to do to even attempt to understand Aristotle's argument was to go line by line and translate it to Jessica style English. Here's what I came up with.:
Aristotle is trying to explain what "the good" is. He says that in order to do this we first need to "grasp the function of a human being. (1097b25)" He says that just as the good for a craftsman depends on its function, "the same seems to be true for a human being. (1097b28)" He goes on to ask if a human being has a function. He notes that each bodily part has a function, but what about the human being as a whole? The human also happens to share certain traits with plants (they're both alive) and with animals (they both have sense perception), so what is different/so special about a human? What is a humans specific function? He says that there is a possibility that reason is the action of human beings. He says that a human must perform the function of a human being well to achieve "the good". Lastly he says that a human being has to live a "complete life(1098a19)". By this he means that it takes time to get "the good", it doesn't just happen automatically.

After I wrote these notes, I wrote down some things that I thought were missing from what Aristotle had written:
He does not explain how a human does reason well. He also does not explain what reason really is.

Woo... this really helped. I just finished my paper and I think I did quite well. I would post it, but it hasn't been graded yet and I don't want my teacher to stumble across this blog and assume I plagiarized from here. Though I could just tell him this is my blog... eh, whatever.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Self-Help Video With the Worst Theme

We moved to Flatbush. I don't want to kill myself... yet. No, but seriously, it's really not as terrible as I make it out to be... as long as I act like a significant part of the Flatbush population doesn't exist. The apartment is awesome and spacious, we're right by Corey's brother and sister-in-law...scratch that, we're right by MY brother-in-law and sister-in-law... and we have a lot of kosher/Jewish establishments in the area. Enough about Flatbush though... Things are really starting to click for me academically. I've never been a straight a student. My report cards in high school were filled with mostly B's and the occasional A or C (actually... one time I did get a D). Even my first couple of years at college I was getting a few more A's, but still it was mostly B's. Now, I haven't actually gotten any A's this semester, yet, but I feel like I can. I got a B on my political philosophy paper and I felt like my paper was only a C at best. For the upcoming paper for that class I feel like I have a really good grasp of the material. Good enough that I don't have to write solely about the text, but that I can add in my own opinions (which was what my teacher thought was lacking from my last paper). Also in my Greek philosophy class. My last paper I got a B+ on and I felt like it was a B-, maybe B at best. But for this paper, even though the text is a lot harder(Aristotle is confusing as a motha trucka!), but I actually have ideas of my own that might work. Last night I took a midterm for my sociology class (Deviance and Social Control) that was supposedly really hard, but I feel like I aced it. Then there's my computers class which should have been named "Intro to Computers... For Morons", so I'm not even going to bother writing about how easy that class is (oh wait, I just did). Oh! and my Women in Hebrew Bible class... I actually wrote somewhat of an essay for it (that wasn't even required!). Okay, it's not quite an essay yet, its just the basic ideas of an essay that I plan to write in the future. Anyway, what was my point? I have no idea... I guess I'm turning into a philosopher because I really love thoughts and knowledge... I'm a dork.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Right On The Foyer, On This Dark Day, Right In Plain View, Yeah

I'm back! Hello and how are you? I had an assignment for my intro to computers class. I had to create a blog, write a few entries, put in some links and add some pictures. Clearly an easy assignment for yours truly. But it got me thinking... why did I give up my old blog? Yesterday, while I was attempting to study for an insane midterm I have a week from Thursday, I went through all the old entires in this here blog. I realized how much better my writing and vocabulary were when I kept up with this thing. I also noticed a few spelling mistakes and used all my self-control not to edit them. As much as it embarrasses me to have them up, I think that to edit them would take away the authenticity of the blog.
I've been gone for a while and things have changed a bit in my life. I am married to Corey (we've been married for two months), I am a philosophy major (with a minor in English) and Corey and I are moving to Flatbush on Sunday. I'd have to say that despite having to live in Evil Flatbush, my life is pretty good... mostly because Corey's in it. Sorry for the sap, I hope you keep your barf bags close to your computer.
Anyway, I'm back.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Corey is Hot

I love Corey. I have one paper left to write for the semester. I am going back to Cleveland on the 15th. Corey and I are getting married on July 29th. Um...those are the basics.

//Two Headed Boy by Neutral Milk Hotel